Feeding Pillow Cushion Inserts

Feeding Pillow Cushion Inserts

Feature :

  • Luxurious plain pattern
  • Solid white front flips to same color back.
  • Contains active compounds highly beneficial to the skin.
  • These cushion fillers are Hypoallergenic.
  • The premium fillers are strictly dust mite proof casing.
  • Supports the natural neck postures formation.
  • Experience the soft resilience of down combined with gentle support of  Feathers.
  • Reduce stress levels, eye puffiness, and dark circles in addition to repairing bones and muscles as well.
  • Generously overfilled fillers, can obtain different positions for the softness and support you desire – Comfort You Desire !


Care Instructions :

  • Spot clean with cold water when necessary.
  • Do not dry clean, bleach, iron, or steam.


Type Soft & fluffy
Material 100% Polyfibers.
Size 16X16 Inches, 12X12 Inches
Quantity Set Of 10, Set of 2, Set Of 3, Set of 4, Set of 6
Available In Set of 5 Pcs

  • 12X12 Inches 100% Pure Polyfiber Cushion Filler

    Price : Rs.549.00

    SKU : Cusion_Filler_New_5

  • 16X16 Inches 100% Pure Polyfiber Cushion Filler

    Price : Rs.349.00 – Rs.1,349.00

    SKU : Cushion_filler_PARENT1